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Intentional Love: 31 Ways Marriage Bundle - 29% Off

  • The Intentional Love bundle is 31 ways to love your spouse with purpose. What Intentional Love was created to do is to give you encouragement to look at your marriage with intentionality and purpose, to make it a priority even in the fullest seasons of life, and to build the habits that will help you love your husband or wife on purpose.

    When you got married, you promised to choose to love a moving target for the rest of your life — someone who would grow and change over the years. As lives get fuller with kids and careers and dreams and goals, it can be easy to miss the person sharing your bed. The habits in Intentional Love will help you see each other in the middle of the fullness of life, learn about each other, and build small, but intentional habits that will keep your marriage a priority in each season of life. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, the right moment to start working on your marriage, this is it. Right now, today even, in just a few minutes, you can start building small habits that speak intentional love to your spouse.

    Going through Intentional Love: 31 Ways to Love Your Wife/Husband with Purpose will:

      • encourage you as take steps to grow your marriage
      • give you tools to grow together during tough seasons
      • offer you a starting place for conversations to grow and strengthen your marriage
      • teach you about each other
      • create opportunities to make each other a priority in the middle of busy lives


      This bundle includes:

      • 1 - Intentional Love: 31 Ways to Love Your Husband With Purpose
      • 1 - Intentional Love: 31 Ways to Love Your Wife With Purpose

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      1. Paperback: 160 pages in each book
      2. Publisher: Under a Red Oak, 1st edition
      3. Language: English
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